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Quality Control

MS Fittings Manufacturing Quality Control - Hardness Testing Machine

Hardness Testing Machine

MS Fittings Manufacturing Quality Control - PMI Machine

PMI Machine

MS Fittings Manufacturing Quality Control - Portable Spectro Analyzer

Portable Spectro Analyzer

MS Fittings Manufacturing Quality Control - Magnetic Crack Detector

Magnetic Crack Detector

A sound quality assurance plan has been developed and continuously improved to meet customer requirements. The incoming raw material consisting of billets, rounds, pipes and plates are co-related with the manufactures test certificates.Sizing, forging or forming is carried out under controlled conditions and material is dealt with batch wise. This allows the co-relation of finish product at every stage with the parent material. A spectrometer and PMI machine are in use to prevent mix-up . Dye Pentrant Kit and Magnetic crack Detector are in use to check flaws. In house testing Facilities :
  • Portable Spectro analyzer
  • PMI Instrument
  • Magnetic Crack Detector
  • Die Penetrant
  • Hardness Machine
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • Coatmeter
  • Hydro / Pneumatic Test
All finished fittings or flanges are stamped or etched in case of stainless steels as per the specifications to which they are manufactured. A certificate is provided for each finished fitting or flange as per the specification.
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